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Why drink water from the spigot which is chemically processed at the local treatment facility then pumped to your house thru aged pipes with sediment and contaminants? AcquaClear is proud to introduce our one gallon jugs of natural spring water bottled fresh from pure mountain springs. Our natural spring water is not modified or manipulated with chemicals. We are not selling purified tap water like some of our competitors. AcquaClear our team of consulting physicians emphasize the importance of consuming six to eight glasses of water daily. We feel that our refreshing, tasty spring water in one gallon jugs is exactly what the doctor ordered. AcquaClear’s fresh, mountain spring water is economical and conveniently packaged to bring natures healthy bounty to your door. In addition to our one gallon jug, our pure, delicious spring water is also available in a 24 ounce sport bottle. For our customers who enjoy a splash of fruit taste we have our 20 ounce wide mouth bottle with nature’s fresh flavours. Our goal at AcquaClear is to emulate the ancient Greeks who stressed the importance of purity and quality in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We think they are looking down on us pleased as we fulfilling mission.

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